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DaBest Classifieds is the best online buy and sell website in the Philippines. We help Filipino entrepreneurs bring their business presence online to get more exposure nationwide. Our platform provides a safe and friendly place for buyers and sellers to meet.

For more information, please visit our About page.
Registered users can place an ad by clicking on the Post Ad button in the upper right hand corner of all pages in the website. To ensure integrity and accountability, we only allow DaBest Classifieds members to sell their items in our platform. Signing up is quick and easy, users can even use their social media account to log in.
Posting ads in DaBest Classifieds is absolutely FREE of charge for sellers. No fees will be collected from the buyer either.

Currently, there is no limit on the number of ads that a seller can post so users can enjoy unlimited free advertising on our website.
That's right, we're offering free SMS notification! Ensure that a valid PH mobile number is saved in the user profile to activate this feature.

Similarly, email notification can be activated. Emails will be sent to the email address used to when signing up. These features may be managed in the User Preferences page. Email notification is enabled by default.

From time to time, we may send announcements and system-wide notifications via email or SMS.
Yes. We value your trust and we are committed to protecting it along with your information. See our Privacy Policies for more information.
Classified ads are valid for 90 days. When ads expire buyers can no longer see them in the website even if they search for it. Ad owners will see expired ads in their Archived folder in My Ads section in the User Profile page.

Expired ads can be reactivated to extend its validity. This feature saves the seller time and effort, compared to starting over again to post the same ad.
Congratulations on the sale! After you have sold your item, you can mark the ad as "Sold" and keep it in your profile for future reference both for you as the seller, and for future prospective buyers.

Once an offer is accepted, or the item is marked as sold, both buyer and seller can exchange feedbacks. User feedback is a good way to build reputation in the community.
Bookmarking ads makes it easy to go back to the listings that caught your attention. We recommend adding ads to your Favorite Ads when you're making a wishlist, or shortlisting a number of good ads for buying consideration. A list of your favorite ads will appear in the Favorites folder in My Ads section in the User Profile page.
We value our members' loyalty and we reward them with points. Users can earn points by doing any of the following:
  • Signing up for an account - 50 Rewards Points
  • Logging in to the website - 5 Rewards Points (given daily)
  • Posting ads - 50 Rewards Points
  • Posting feedback to other users - 20 Rewards Points
  • Participating in promotions that DaBest Classifieds may run from time to time

Reward points can be spent to use our premium features like boosting ads by adding them to the Featured Ads list.
Featured ads have more visibility - they appear at the top of search results and in the website's homepage. Adding your ads to the Featured Ads list costs 250 points.

Rewards points have validity dates. Users can check their Points History page to see their reward information.
It's simple - no illegal activities are allowed in the website, no prohibited items can be offered or sold, and members should maintain mutual respect among fellow users at all times. DaBest classifieds reserves the right to delete and blacklist users who commit such and similar violations. We record information such as IP address, as well as other pertinent data and we will report to authorities any suspicious or malicious activities in the platform, as part of our commitment to protect the privacy of our members and maintain pleasant experience in the online community.

Make sure to read and understand the website's Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.
Disclaimer: By using DaBest Classifieds buying and selling platform in whatever means and for whatever purpose, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

We require users to read and accept our policies during registration and initial log in using social media accounts, and we deny them full access to the website should they decline the site rules. Users who are not logged in or have not yet registered can still use our website but by doing so, we assume that they understand and implicitly agree with our policies.
DaBest Classifieds platform facilitates meeting of buyers and sellers on the website and provides useful functionalities to make deals happen. However, the payment and delivery are up to the buyers and sellers to discuss and agree on.

We recommend to always include the preferred payment information and delivery method (courier delivery and meet-up) when posting an ad.
Let us introduce the Follow User feature. You can click on the "Follow User" button in the profile page of the user that you want to watch. Once you're following a user, you will get instant notifications on his/her onsite activities like posting a new ad.

To stop getting notifications about the user's activity, just hit the "Unfollow" button in the user's profile page.
Our website's goal is to help sellers advertise their products and services for free, and for buyers to be able to find the best and most affordable items online. DaBest Classifieds is a great place for sellers and buyers to meet and negotiate.

However, DaBest Classifieds itself does not sell any products in our website. We provide the service for free.
You may help us maintain order and integrity in our community by reporting ads or users that violate our terms and conditions through the Report Ad button or using our Contact Us page.

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DaBest Classifieds is the best online buy and sell website in the Philippines. We help small and medium Filipino entrepreneurs bring their business presence online to get more exposure nationwide. Our platform provides a safe and friendly place for buyers and sellers to meet.

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Our website caters for a wide range of categories like cars & autoparts, audio & video devices, computers, cellphones & tablets, fashion, real estate properties, services, jobs & business, home appliances, sports, tickets, health and a lot more. Sellers can post brand new or preloved, used items.

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The more you use DaBest Classifieds website, the more you get rewarded! Receive points by signing up for a free account, posting FREE ADS & sharing feedbacks. Spend earned points to boost ads by adding it to the Featured Ads list in the homepage and search results.

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Share your ads via Facebook or Google Plus for more ad visibility. Use DaBest Classifieds features like private messaging, feedback sharing and ad comments to interact with other users. Follow your favorite buyer or seller to get notified by their activities in the website.

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